New beginnings

Life is full of new beginnings. Right now in our house we are experiencing lots of new beginnings: A new[ish] baby in the house. Two new beehives in the front yard. A new homeschool co-op along with new friends. A new shoe size for my toddler. The new just never ends. And it’s wonderful.

FullSizeRender (4)

I am not a person who fears change. I usually dive in with both feet and buy a new pair of shoes to do it in! It’s when things don’t change, that’s when I struggle. Though contentment is not something I’ve mastered, it is something I am working on.

So, if you’ve been with me over the years you may have noticed that consistency hasn’t always been my strongest asset. But that’s okay. I never claimed to be perfect. I only ever vowed to be real. And with real-life comes lots of “new”s, lots of changes and then many seasons of stagnancy (or, more likely, seasons of survival mode).

With this new beginning, this new launch of DIYparenting, I can promise almost nothing. I hope to be able to embrace writing, sharing and connecting with you in a whole new way now that my household is no longer filled with only littles. But who knows?! Thank you for sticking by me and reading my posts even if they were unpredictable!

Please hang on just a little bit longer. New content is on it’s way. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

With thanksgiving,




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