Schedule summer? Why, yes, I think I will!

While most kids are just beginning their summer vacation, we’ve been “free” for about 3 weeks now! While it’s true we do homeschooling year-round, we definitely kick it down a couple notches come May. The weather is just too nice to stay indoors so much and the whole family (me especially!) is itching for a change of pace.


So, here we are the first official week of June and things are… already chaotic. The kids long for structure and I long for a cleaner house!

It’s been decided, in an attempt to abate the chaos, we are starting our summer schedule this week!


Monday Make Food Monday

(cooking/baking meal prep for the week)

Tuesday Friends Day

(we’re gone for the day at our co-op and then run our errands)

Wednesday Movie Matinee

(after a busy Tuesday the kids just need to relax so a movie & snack is perfect today)

Thursday Thoughtful Thursday

(work on projects like baking cookies for a friend or writing letters to a relative)

Friday Fun Afternoon Friday

(field trip or afternoon at the playground or creek)

On the days we are home in the morning– usually every day but Tuesday– we pretty much operate under the same schedule. It’s our afternoons that are a bit trickier to navigate! Here’s what our mornings at home look like:


-Devotional Time

-AM Chore Time

-Legos or Outside Play


-PM Chore Time


It is my hope that this afternoon time, when things tend to get a bit loose around here, will now be replaced with the activity of the day!

Now if only we can come up with a better chore plan…

With anticipation,



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