33 years in the making

IMG_8334In honor of my 33rd birthday– just for fun– here are some little-known facts about me:


1. My first name is Jenny not Jennifer.
2. I am a huge foodie but some of my faves are shrimp tempura sushi & french fries.
3. I have one sister, no brothers and lots of cousins.
4. My word of the year is THRIVE. I’m trying to apply this to all areas of my life.
5. I once won the audience prize on The View but it kind of wound up being a total bust. I don’t watch the show anymore (for many reasons…)!
6. John Piper is my homeboy.
7. My favorite TV show as a kid was Ghostwriter.
8. If I could add any flavor to my coffee it would be creme brulee.
9. I recently quit caffeine. Yawn.
10. Growing up I was sure my daughter’s name was going to be Bianca. Yeah, that never happened.
11. My favorite essential oil blend is Balance. And Serenity. And Digestzen.
12. I am a night owllll. My kids are morning people. It’s a fun combination.
13. The book “Created to Be His Help Meet” inspired me to be a better wife.
14. I married a “Mr. Steady.”
15. Though my husband and I went to the same high school, we really got to know each other through chatting on ICQ. (He sent me a flower.)
16. This year we’ll celebrate 12 years of marriage.
17. And 5 kids.
18. We said we were going to have 17.
19. #onlytimewilltell  😉😉
20. My favorite essential oil is Lavender. And Lime. And Vetiver.
21. I’ve never been on the West Coast but hope to change that this year.
22. I don’t have a cell phone.
23. Bubble baths are my jam.
24. I love Boggle.
25. And Zulily.
26. And Amazon Prime.
27. I never enjoyed reading as a kid but now I love it!
28. I love the mountains (I love the rolling hills. Boom De Ah Da).
29. All of my kids have names that are either from the Bible or derivatives of Bible names.
30. I started working at age 13. First a babysitter, then a waitress, then a hostess, store clerk, Disney gift shop attendant, telemarketer, administrative assistant, technical writer.
31. I fell in love with writing in the 4th grade when I won a writing contest. I think it was the first thing I really felt like I succeeded at, so I ran with it!
32. My college degree is in Professional Writing & Public Relations.
33. My parents were small business owners when I grew up, so were/are my in-laws. Now my husband manages a small business and I run my own essential oils business. It’s in my blood!

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