Becoming MomStrong book review

Motherhood is hard. There’s no way around it. Days can be long and morale low. But women like Heidi St. John help moms like me in bearing that burden just a bit, making life just a bit easier, a bit more lovable. Whether through an encouraging post on her blog The Busy Mom or in one of her books, Heidi has been shining light in this sometimes dark venture that is motherhood. And her latest book “Becoming MomStrong: How to Fight with All That’s in You for Your Family and Your Faith” is no different.20626781_10214150313141256_4111742155754784941_oBecoming MomStrong hits on hot topics like a mom’s need for rest and the importance of community as well as less common yet relevant topics like avoiding drama and handling grief.

As a seasoned mother of 7, Heidi is generous in sharing her wisdom in a very personable, winsome way. The book is full of first-hand accounts (the perfect mixture of #momfails and #momwins) while constantly admonishing readers to stay the course, to become stronger through their unwavering commitment to being immersed in God’s Word.

Heidi says, “MomStrong moms know the Word, and they respond to today’s challenges with God-centered wisdom.”

Becoming MomStrong is an uplifting, fun read that’s more like a bunch of meaningful conversations between old friends over a cup of coffee.

Despite my somber introduction, motherhood is not all doom and gloom. We all know it’s also full of afternoon snuggles sessions, laughter and late-night heart-to-hearts. The truth is, motherhood is a beautiful roller coaster of ups and downs. Motherhood is a high calling that bears tremendous responsibility.

In the pages of Becoming MomStrong, Heidi reminds us of the challenges we face as mothers in a volatile culture.

“God has given this generation of moms a special challenge: to train future warriors for the spiritual battle that’s unfolding around us. God is asking today’s mothers to be strong in the midst of an incredibly powerful cultural shift away from the truth of God’s Word,” explains Heidi in Becoming MomStrong.

I’ve left this book not only feeling encouraged but also feeling empowered; empowered to move forward on my mothering journey– with goals appropriate for each season of life God has put me in (as Heidi suggests in the book)– and with greater determination to give my children the best of me, not the rest of me (as Heidi also suggests in the book).

And I’ve never been more certain of this truth: by being a mom, we are not just line cooks, laundresses or nurses, but we are world changers, not only through our own lives but also through the lives of those He has entrusted in our care: our children.

“Through motherhood, you are impacting the world for good, one young life at a time.” -Heidi St. John, Becoming MomStrong


Becoming MomStrong releases on September 19, 2017. A supplemental Bible Study and Journal are also available. Fun and functional MomStrong swag can be purchased here on Heidi’s website.